Business and Community Foundation (BCF) is involved in developing CSR knowledge in India for private and public sector managers and practitioners

ICP : 2nd batch for 2016 has begun in February 2016 & will end in October 2016. 11 mid career students have joined the batch from diverse backgrounds. Classes are held & exams are conducted by BCF & trainers.

Training : BCF runs a CR Management Development Programme for senior and middle level managers, who manage CR issues.

Assessments : BCF has expertise in assessing the quality and impact of development programmes – from public award schemes to private assessments for organization that want to measure their effectiveness.

Responsive Training and Research : BCF writes on emerging issues, and conducts research and training on request from academic institutions, companies and civil society organisations.

CSR Primer : The Primer is a basic book on the evolution of CSR in India, concepts, theories, principles, standards, business case, management, future perspectives etc.