Become a BCF Member

To get the BCF membership

Institutions/Foundations/Companies must be out of “negative sectors”- arms, tobacco, alcohol,mining etc.

BCF does not work with those who destroy the environment or abuse human, worker or environmental rights or abet corruption.

The applicant organisation has to provide BCF with the following information:

The reasons for wanting to join the network.
The organisation vision and perspective and governance structure.
The organisation current CR profile.
The core issues and experiences the applicant would share within the network.
The BCF activities and programmes particularly of interest to the applicant company.

Based on this information BCF and the board of directors examine the membership application, which it can refuse on a consensus basis.

In case the applicant receives a membership invitation and is presented as new member at the next board meeting.

Board meetings are held 3 times and an Annual General Meeting one time in a year :

To discuss and decide democratically.
To follow and share the experience and knowledge of each member.

As a not for profit entity, BCF responds to the developmental paradigm in the country and works with a large number of organizations & responds through work on Education, Disability, Volunteering, Training, Support to communities & organizations to work on health, education, livelihoods, marketing linkages, information through public discourses and lectures etc.

Benefits of Joining BCF Network

BCF works with a group of member companies on Corporate Responsibility in these ways:

BCF facilitates CSR exposure, accompanying projects on the ground, training, workshops, guidance, support etc.

Advisory Inputs
Frameworks; formulating policies; social reports; strategic input and in depth analysis; need analysis; project design-programmatic & financial aspects.

Programme Identification & Core Business
Contextualize and facilitate core business and civil society competencies in response to national developmental priorities.

Programme Implementation
Due diligence on selection of partners and implementation of projects, monitoring & evaluation, supporting partnership projects, facilitation etc.

Network of Practitioners
CSR professionals from within BCF members and partners form a unique network for CSR solutions and strategies


BCF does not work with those organisations or Corporates that abuse Human Rights and Labour rights. We do not engage with those who destroy the environment and those whose work impacts the planet and communities adversely. BCF does not support Corporate Responsibility work that is a greenwash or mere PR and superficial. We believe that Responsibility is about the way work or "business is done" ethically and legally and HOW Profits are made is critical not merely what is given away as welfare or charity.