St. Stephen’s Hospital, Tis Hazari, Delhi

St. Stephen’s hospital is a MNGO (Mother NGO) which started this project on homelessness in Delhi. This project was initiated in the year 2009.The hospital has a basic motive to serve the humanity, irrespective of their caste creed religion with love and dignity. They basically aim on the homeless people. The MNGO is endeavoring to create an efficient and responsive system to meet the needs of homeless people. By coordinating with government, NGO’s, civil society, experts and academicians they have developed such a system to such an extent.

For this the hospital has divided Delhi into 290 pockets so that a survey can be done so as to identify the homeless people. There are total hundred thousand homeless in Delhi

Aims and objective :

To provide basic health and life support services to homeless

To provide entitlements of government schemes

To restore and protect dignity, hope and self esteem

To develop livelihood skills, provide vocational trainings and main streaming homeless

To evolve an image of Delhi as a ‘Caring City’

Recently in the year 2010 from July to November significant advancements have taken place such as:

(1) A homeless survey was carried out and the necessary data is fed into the National Population Register

(2) A Beghar Identity Card was developed for homeless

(3) Delhi witnessed its first UID enrollments and homeless were the first receivers of Adhaar numbers.

(4) Bank accounts were also opened with the Corporation Bank.

(5) A round the clock homeless helpline was established.

Various Road Shows related to homeless were also organized, followed by the Nukkad Natak. The committee decided to increase the awareness also through tricycle road shows. On 2nd July 2010 Chief Minister inaugurated the homeless survey by raising the green flag and sending the group of 12 differently abled homeless campaigns for the homeless survey 2010 across Delhi. The basic motive of these tricycles is to go to the homeless people in different pockets during late night hours. They also performed skits and street play so that awareness can be spread. Various UID enrollment programs were organized in which homeless people were encouraged to visit UID enrollment center which is at Nizamuddin. Various Rescue programs are also conducted by the MNGO as patient rescue is must, as they have given treatment to a nine months pregnant woman and various disabled and old age people are also treated by them. In collaboration with various organizations like Amar Jyoti, Gandhi Darshan, IPH, ITAHSHA and provide homeless people training so that at least they can work and they can feed themselves. They have opened a HOME CARE UNIT in which slum women are trained so that they can become an attendant for the homeless who do not have their relatives with them. A new concept of BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT is launched so that these homeless people can deposit and withdraw their money without going to the bank. In the few months the team has worked so hard for the welfare of homeless people