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Established in 1974, Deakin was Victoria's fourth university and the first in regional Victoria.

Deakin has been strengthened by a series of successful mergers with strong partners, each of whom has contributed significantly to their character and approach.

Deakin University is an Australian public university with nearly 40,000 higher education students in 2010. It receives more than A$600 million in operating revenue annually, and controls more than A$1.3 billion in assets. It received more than A$35 million in research income in 2009 and had 835 research students in 2010. In 2009, its academics authored 33 books, 233 refereed conference papers, and 705 refereed journal papers. It has campuses in the coastal cities of: Geelong, Melbourne, and Warrnambool, Victoria. The University was named after the leader of the Australian federation movement and the nation's second Prime Minister, Alfred Deakin.

Today, Deakin operates in a global, connected world with the digital economy influencing every aspect of their activities. Deakin has over 42,000 students, more than 8,000 international students from over 100 different countries and employs more than 3,300 staff. BCF has a research partnership with Deakin including a PhD fellowship.

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We take this opportunity to introduce you to the world of Autism. Professor Svetha Venkatesh, a Professor of Computer Science and Director (PRaDA) at DEAKIN University, Australia has come up with innovation educational software for autistic children. A project she developed in pursuit of an early intervention technology for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and also for children with limited expressive communication skills. It is called TOBY, which means Therapy Outcomes By You. Please find below the links, which will give you a brief introduction on the application.

TOBY Playpad is an ipad-based application that flexibly delivers lessons using a rich array of user-generated and automated lessons. The overarching goal of TOBY is to, empower the parents to deliver therapy, provide valuable tool to therapists and educators. TOBY uses evidence-based techniques to: inform, guide and analyse children's performance.

The project is a non-profit initiative by the team of Deakin University. Any funds raised goes to ongoing costs involved with TOBY and to the community via various organizations working on Autism to help children, adolescents, adults and their families.

Tamana School of Hope in Delhi is closely working with us on this project. Deakin has recently set up a laboratory at their school campus to impart training to teachers from various Autistic schools, institutes, NGOs including parents. Currently we are in the process of disseminating first training sessions on TOBY for contacts in Delhi. We would like to replicate the same initiative in all parts of India. To do so we would like to collaborate with schools like yours to make it happen.

We are also in the process of organizing training sessions for consultants outside Delhi. Please take out time to go through these videos. We would be delighted to organize training course for you and your team with Tamana in Delhi, which is free of cost.

The first video in the TOBY Information Session (numbered 1 to 7):

The link on itunes is:

The Lite version of TOBY playpad is free and available at:

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