Bhumi Vardaan Foundation

Bhumi Vardaan Foundation is a registered charitable trust launched in 2006 with a vision of promoting sustainable natural and organic farming amongst marginal farming communities initially focusing in Punjab .The Foundation is a affiliate of The Prince of Wales Charities Foundation in the UK and is engaged in investing in the development of a sustainable and replicable model of organic farming at the grassroots level .

Bhumi Vardaan Foundation’s mission is to devise, advocate, encourage and promote methods, procedures, research and public support leading to natural and organic farming: cataloguing and preservation of natural biodiversity: protection and dissemination of traditional wisdom and knowledge and an integrated approach to environmental and developmental concerns, with a view to achieving sustainable rural development and livelihoods .

The key objective of the Foundation includes empowerment of local and community groups: to establish grassroot mechanisms for environment protection in all its forms, to encourage changes in unsustainable chemically driven patterns of production and consumption : to conduct R&D in natural and organic farming systems and to encourage demand for chemical free naturally sourced produce .