Abilities Mela Updated chart

a) Public Partnerships : This project has been a successful example of encouraging and establishing public participation in the development process. The platform provided for interactive processes between producers, customers, volunteers, funders and representatives of Corporate and NGO sectors, leading to the scope and development of linkages and sustainable partnerships. As an example, the Mela has brought forth successful Government-NGO partnership model with HUDA (Hyderabad Urban Development Authority),Satyam Foundation, LSN Foundation, National Trust (Government of India), various ministries such as ‘Women & Child’, ‘Sports & Youth Affairs’ & ‘Social Justice & Empowerment’.

b) Exposure, sensitization & orientation :

The Melas held annually at various places provide ample exposure while sensitizing and orienting both producers as well as the social organizations backing the efforts, on various issues related to honing of entrepreneurial capabilities like:

     Production planning & sales processes
     Product range, design inputs
     Quality orientation/standards
     Market competition, exposure to market needs, market strategies

The Melas also provide an opportunity for the NGOs segmented within the disability sector to broaden their vision and find their own ways of building synergies that can go a long way in building common platforms for effective resource mobilization and lobbying.

c) Development of a CV bank for PWDs

The Melas opened up the possibility of participating in a ‘job fair’ where resumes of persons with disabilities were collected for on-the-spot consideration by prospective employers from corporate houses. They were also put up on the website of BCF. Interestingly people from the HR departments of various organizations were also connected and counseling of some of the job-seekers was facilitated to prepare them for facing interviews.

d) Articulates need & scope of replication : Ever since inception, there have been many feelers of future scope with respect to this initiative leading to the spread of the Mela to four states of India so far. It is envisaged that similar Melas / celebrations can be held across the country in every state where local groups can come together, improve on the idea, as it is low cost and can be replicated with ease.

e) The emerging need for intensive research :

The Abilities Mela experience has led to an analysis of the existing vocational training programs available for people with disabilities compared to specific need for skills at the prospective employers’ end. Hence there is an emerging need for intensive research on the initiation of such specific training programs that would enhance the employability of people with disabilities.

g) Policy Impacts & Outcomes :

Most of the melas culminated in different kinds of exposure resulting in flow of monetary as well as non-monetary support from many stakeholders including the Govt. of Tamil Nadu as evident in our Chennai Abilities Mela experience. There has also been an impact at the policy level in some instances, like the special provision in Tamil Nadu’s State budget for persons with disabilities. The mela is within the realm of “open source data” & in adaptation, replication has taken different flavors in each state catering to local needs & bringing together local stakeholders.

S.No Month / Year Place Organizing Partners Participant Organisations
1 July, 2004 New Delhi BCF & BRA 46
2 January, 2005 Chennai SCARF & The Hindu 33
3 April, 2006 New Delhi BCF, BRA, Brotherhood, KCIL, NTPC 47
4 January, 2007 Chennai AIKYA, BCF & Lions International 35
5 February, 2007 New Delhi BCF, BRA, Brotherhood, Deafway, FICCI-SEDF & Saburi 50
6 August, 2007 Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh Viklang Kendra, BCF & other partners 33
7 August, 2007 Hyderabad BCF, Satyam Foundation, Byrraju Foundation, Dr Reddy’s Foundation, Nandi Foundation & HUDA, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment 41
8 December, 2007 New Delhi National Trust, BCF, BRA, FOD, Saburi, FICCI-SEDF 55
9 April, 2008 Hyderabad LSN Foundation, BCF, Satyam Foundation, Byrraju Foundation, Dr Reddy’s Foundation, Nandi Foundation 53
10 September, 2008 Khagaria, Bihar Charkha, Development Communication Network & BCF 5
11 September, 2008 Kochi, Kerala People’s Council for social Justice (PCSJ) & BCF 15
12 October, 2008 Latur, Maharashtra Grameen Shramik Pratisthan & BCF 5
13 October, 2008 Rai-Bareilly, UP Jeevanpath Viklang Vidyalaya 1
13 October, 2008 Rai-Bareilly, UP Jeevanpath Viklang Vidyalaya 1
14 May, 2009 Hyderabad, AP LSN Foundation & BCF 20
15 August, 2009 Kochi, Kerala People’s Council for social Justice (PCSJ, Shilpa Society & BCF 15
16 September,2009 Leh, J&K Charkha, People's Action Group for Inclusion & Rights (PAGIR) & BCF 1
17 September,2009 Kodagu, Karnataka SWASTHA Centre for Special Education & Rehabilitation.& BCF 5
18 September,2009 Patamda,Jharkhand ASSRA
19 November, 2009 Faridabad, Haryana Brotherhood & BCF 10
20 June, 2010 Hyderabad, AP LSN Foundation & BCF 20
21 August, 2010 Kochi, Kerala People’s Council for social Justice (PCSJ, Shilpa Society & BCF 13
22 November, 2010 Varanasi Kiran Society, BCF 20
23 February, 2011 Leh,J&K BCF, CHARKHA, PAGIR 1
24 September, 2011 Hyderabad, AP LSN Foundation,MDI, Saarthak, etc 45
25 November, 2011 Kochi, Kerala PCSJ, Shilpa Society, Raksha 18