Youth of Kodaganallur Endeavour

Youth of Kodaganallur Endeavour (YOKE) is registered as a Society (265/05) under the TamilNadu Societies Act. YOKE seeks to transform the Kodaganallur village panchayat and other neighboring villages into resourceful entities through empowering the residents with entrepreneurial and self-development skills. Our ultimate aim is to improve the income and living standards of the communities we work with.

The name ‘YOKE’ conveys the energy, spirit and dynamism that the organization exemplifies. Our members are young at heart and in age, or both!

YOKE is an initiative of individuals who enjoy an association with the village either as part of their ancestry or as current residents.The Society was born with a purpose to engage our people in community-driven projects that ensure the health, wealth and happiness of all.

Since inception, YOKE has been focusing on creating an educated, empowered and fully-employed community, proactive and vibrant.


Kodaganallur is a model village panchayat self-sufficient in needs that is nurtured by an educated, empowered and employed, vibrant community where everyone cares and contributes.


YOKE is committed to working in the areas of informal, relevant and practical education, facilitating small-scale entrepreneurship and employment opportunities while promoting health and hygiene and ensuring the conservation of natural resources and the environment.

Current Projects

Education (supported by GSKCH)

Free computer education: Custom-designed courses for school and college students, housewives, and the employed.
Spoken English training: Weekly classes on Saturdays and Sundays.
Holiday camps: During summer, first term and second term breaks for school children.
Excursions/tours: Educational tours two times a year.
Training in classical music: Classical music training for children and adults with the aptitude.
Training in folk dancing: Once a month classes in local dance forms.
Training in pottery: As part of every camp, training in local craft.
Training job aspirants: Workshops for job-seekers on soft-skills, competitive examination preparation.
Training school finalists: Special tuitions and support to children appearing for Board exams.


Organic farming project: Pilot project to grow vegetables organically
Retailing: YOKE Shoppe to trade in local craft and goodies

Health & Fitness (supported by GSKCH)

Health camps: One camp (by eminent doctors from various medical disciplines) every quarter to monitor general health and follow up.
Sports Day: Sports Day celebrated during the Pongal festival. Almost the entire village participates.
Sports and fitness training: Training by trained physical education instructors, twice a week.
Yoga: Once-a-week training in Yoga.


Planting trees: Growing more trees and plants in the village
Cleaning water-bodies: Regular cleaning of tanks and ponds as a community initiative
Monitoring quality of river water: Supported by Hach Inc.

Proposed projects:

Value-added foods: Production and marketing
Home-based industry: Soaps and detergents.

To donate, you may use third-party transfer:
Name of the account : YOKE
Bank : Canara Bank Guindy, Chennai
Savings bank account number : 0909101031545
IFSC code : CNRB0000909
If you are issuing a cheque/DD, pay to YOKE in Chennai and send to:
Chitra Vasudevan, Chairperson YOKE, 6/7B West Street, Kodaganallur, Tirunelveli 627 010.

Donations to YOKE are exempt from IT under section 80G.