Uday Society for Development (USD) came into existence in the year 2003 is working for the upliftment and overall development of the poor in slum areas of Delhi and Faridabad. The main focus of USD is to work extensively with the children and women in the slums for their social and economical growth. This will help them to come up to the level of understanding where they can be part of the mainstream in the society. They can be empowered so that they can work for their own development and becomes a responsible citizen in the society.

The first half of 2010 came as a leaf of progress for USD which continued to encourage children from poor families in the slums of Faridabad to increase their interest towards education. The commitment encouraged the habit to learn and value the education among the poor children. USD has committed itself for the cause of right to education of the poor and under privileged.

For this various program activities were organized which includes Non-Formal Education Centre, interactive learning, celebrations, medical health checkup camps, awareness initiatives, and family counseling.

In these schools children are provided with books, copies, pencils and other stationery products so that with education they can read and write as a normal school. They concentrate on poor families children so that they can be literate. In interactive learning session various indoors games and toys have been used to make them learn in an attractive way. Various festivals and occasions are also celebrated so that children can celebrate them.

A regular preventive measure and its commitment to provide preventive and curative measure to the children and their families, USD as usual organized one medical camp on 17th July 2010 and this was organized to provide free of cost medical checkups. In total 75 children and their parents as well as siblings were got medical checkup done.

On 11th September an exposure visit was organized and children were taken to Bandhkal Lake, a tourist destination for enjoyment as well as learning. They were explained about the climate change and about ecological system.

Parents counseling session is also a part of the process they were counseled during the period to make them understand the importance of education.