LSN foundation is a not for profit trust established in July 2007, in Hyderabad .One of the core objectives of the Foundation is to support vulnerable groups like PWDs, elderly, homeless, street children, etc improve their quality of life. The Foundation aims to build partnerships to improve networking quality and synergy on mutual activities of GOV/NGO and promote and extend the exchange of best practices.

The vision of the Foundation is to meet unmet needs with courage and compassion. Reaching out to those who need support, care and help each one of them realize their dream of a better life.

The mission of the Foundation is to reach the unreached, specially the vulnerable groups - the homeless, street children, orphans, senior citizens, disabled, scavengers, promote livelihood interventions among the unemployed and the marginalized, support people pursuing journalism and promote Urdu culture.

Aims and Objectives :

The main objectives of the Trust is to ensure that the value systems of Sri LS Narain are remembered forever, by promoting and supporting activities related to the profession of journalism, activities that correspond to his key personality traits, and other programs related to his integral hobbies and interests.

From July 2010 the Night shelter is functioning very well with set norms and regulations. The Night shelter has become like a home for the homeless people. A second night shelter is set up for only families, but within a short period of 2 months they were forced to shut down the shelter. A community kitchen has further been streamlined in which resident can have sufficient food.

In the last 6 months period they had 3 specific health camps for the residents of Night shelter. Among these three camps one camp was the general camp for the general checkup but other two are basically for the eye checkups in two different locations. Various livelihood programs were conducted in which the discussions are done in which their professions and income were discussed. Then they try to counsel homeless and train them. On 21st October 2010 a basic need campaign was organized at 10 am and there were 150 homeless people who participated and benefited from the services of BNC and after two days another basic need campaign is organized basically in these campaign a group orientation and counseling is done for the homeless people.

Banking facility is also given in the night shelters and SBI showed a keen interest in helping those people in banking system. Various special activities are also conducted like festival celebration and computer training programs. They also follow the Exit Strategy for Night shelters, as residents are pre-informed that this place is not a permanent place to live and they can earn and find a rented house and among 35 residents 12 have already left the Night shelter and took their own homes and leading better life.

There is also a concept of ABILITIES MELA; this was to match skills of PWD candidates to job opportunities in the organized sectors, and to prepare a CV bank of PWD candidates that employers can access.